Women's Health

4 Keys to a Healthy Pregnancychevron_right
During pregnancy, you aren’t just eating for two. You’re also exercising, sleeping, and making other lifestyle choices for both yourself and your baby. Here’s how to take care of your health and give your little one a strong start in life.

Does Mommy Wine Culture Pose Health Risks?chevron_right
Many people, including women, can safely drink moderate amounts. But as heavy drinking becomes more common, some moms may be flirting with danger.

Should You Be Tested for the Breast Cancer Gene?chevron_right
Some breast cancers associated with genes affect numerous members of a family. But not every woman who has a family history of inherited breast cancer carries the defective gene.

After-Pregnancy Blues: Cause for Concern?chevron_right
Up to 4 in 5 new moms feel sad, anxious, overwhelmed, or just plain tired after giving birth. It’s no wonder so many new mothers get the “baby blues.” Even if delivery went well, mothers are bound to be short on sleep and long on responsibilities.

4 Awkward Health Problems You Should Tell Your Doctor Aboutchevron_right
Here are four common health issues you should discuss with your provider (even if you’d rather not).

Should Pregnant Women Worry About X-Rays?chevron_right
If you break a bone or get into a car accident while pregnant, a healthcare provider may need to give you a scan, such as an X-ray, to see what’s going on. But isn’t that dangerous for your baby? Probably not.

Breastfeeding May Lower Women’s Postmenopausal Stroke Riskchevron_right
Breastfeeding also reduces your risk for breast and ovarian cancer, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and other conditions.

Pregnancy Discomforts: When to Call the Doctorchevron_right
Congratulations—you’re pregnant! The next 9 months may bring some uncomfortable changes to your body. Most of these ills—including backache, constipation, and morning sickness—aren’t worrisome.

What Is Molecular Breast Imaging?chevron_right
Molecular breast imaging (MBI) is a test similar to X-ray, CT, and ultrasound, but with an important difference. Those imaging procedures provide pictures of bones and soft tissue, but MBI allows health care providers to see what is happening inside the breast at a molecular and cellular level.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Treatment Key to Maintaining Good Healthchevron_right
PCOS is a common hormonal problem in women of childbearing age. The condition often is accompanied by other health problems, and can make it hard to get pregnant.

Hysterectomy: What Are My Options?chevron_right
Hysterectomy is surgery to remove your uterus. It may be done to help treat cancer, fibroids, or endometriosis.

Lung Cancer May Be Greater Threat to Women than Breast Cancerchevron_right
The major reason for the greater risk is that more women are smoking these days.