Women's Health

Folate Could Safeguard Your Health and Your Baby'schevron_right
Folate, a type of B vitamin, helps the body make new red blood cells. Not getting enough folate is a serious issue, as it can lead to anemia and other health problems.

Women: Midlife Isn’t Too Late to Slash Stroke Riskchevron_right
Ask women their health fears, and breast cancer often tops the list. But twice as many will eventually succumb to stroke. Each year, more women than men die of stroke. What’s more, strokes are the leading cause of preventable disability in the U.S.

4 Tips for Living with a Pelvic Floor Disorderchevron_right
When there’s a problem with the sheet of muscle that forms the base of the pelvic cavity, life-disrupting and unpleasant symptoms can result, including leaking or difficulty urinating, below-the-belt pain or discomfort, trouble controlling or moving the bowels, and frequent urinary tract infections.

3 Reasons for Your Painful Periodschevron_right
They come like clockwork right before your period. As your bleeding starts, they worsen. But within a few days, they subside. If this describes your cramps, you can probably blame them on prostaglandins.

Older Adults: Preventive Screenings Are Key for Living a Healthy Lifechevron_right
Preventive health screenings are important at every stage of life. They can prevent diseases and also detect problems early, when treatments work best. Unfortunately, only a quarter of adults ages 50 to 64 and less than half of adults ages 65 and older are getting the preventive care they need.

Why Well-Woman Visits Are Important—And What to Askchevron_right
Ladies, it’s time to rethink your annual exam. Yearly well-woman visits with your healthcare provider—often with an obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN)—offer way more for your well-being than the pelvic exam and Pap test that likely come to mind.

Does Social Media Motivate or Discourage You to Work Out?chevron_right
It’s a question we often wonder—does scrolling through social media have a positive or negative effect on our well-being? When it comes to fitness-related posts, there isn’t a clear answer.

Can Surgery Solve Breastfeeding Woes?chevron_right
Up to 12% of babies have a condition formally known as ankyloglossia. The membranes securing their tongues are thick, tight, short, or attached to the front of the organ. As a result, their tongues can’t move freely.

4 Keys to a Healthy Pregnancychevron_right
During pregnancy, you aren’t just eating for two. You’re also exercising, sleeping, and making other lifestyle choices for both yourself and your baby. Here’s how to take care of your health and give your little one a strong start in life.

Does Mommy Wine Culture Pose Health Risks?chevron_right
Many people, including women, can safely drink moderate amounts. But as heavy drinking becomes more common, some moms may be flirting with danger.

Should You Be Tested for the Breast Cancer Gene?chevron_right
Some breast cancers associated with genes affect numerous members of a family. But not every woman who has a family history of inherited breast cancer carries the defective gene.